Traffic To Your Website Requires Savvy Business Blogging

business blogging

Business Blogging for More Website Traffic

Your business is not being found because you have not figured out that the business blogging world is leaving you in the dust. I think you need to hear more to be convinced that your business is stuck in the rotary phone age.



Why is your business website not being found?! Your business needs to join the business blogging conversation and since I am a simple guy this will be simply worded! Okay I’m done yelling. Are you actually making efforts online to get your business found?! Okay I lied I am not done yelling yet, but this is very important business stuff. Let’s talk about stuff you already know.


Business Blogging

Having a fear of the unknown is natural. I can still remember my Blogging Tips For New Business Bloggersteachers from school saying “Read chapter whatever” which just made me cringe, because I hated to read. Now that I am a little older it has dawned on me that I actually love to read. I rather enjoy business blogging because I know there will be compensation for my efforts. Soon your family and friends will be asking, “Are you a problogger“?

If you are still wondering why it is your site has no traffic then you must not have understood that last paragraph. I bet your competitors are thinking of new ways to get their businesses found right now. Research your niche to find out where the conversation is taking place and put fear in the back seat.

Making every effort humanly possible to get your business name in front of strangers (potential clients) should be somewhat of an addiction. Thus, keeping future and current customers will depend on your efforts to interact with them.

When you think of blogging is it Facebook and Twitter that come to mind? Yes but there’s more like LinkedIn, one of the best professional business outlets I’ve encountered. Google Plus should be on your radar for business, check out this interview of how Google Plus can help your business blogging.

Learn how to earn more traffic by visiting blogs in your field or industry today. If you’re still skeptical at this point read this article by Bloomberg, a fortune 500 company talking about why blogging is great for your business.


Join The Conversation And Share Your Knowledge

business bloggingJoin The Business Blogging Conveersation From Your Phone

Your main goal is to get people to visit your site and simply commenting can do this. There are so many groups, forums and blogs for every niche that makes this possible. The blogosphere has plenty of places to find basic blog tips that can help you become a savvy blogger.

Okay the fun part! Some blogs will let you leave a link to your website or blog, it’s amazing I know! Posts you’ve written can be left at one of my favorite blogs I frequent ComLuv. Check it out for yourself, you will not be disappointed.

After sharing your brilliant knowledge on someone’s posting, tell the world if you feel it’s good enough to do so. Be nice now! I can tell you sharing an article or posting will get back to you and that’s a good thing.

However, commenting also deserves some common sense. Continuously sharing articles and posts to your direct connections can make you look like an advertisement or news feed we all hate to see. So be wise when you share making certain not to over-do it. Usually the poster will have more than one social media outlet for you to share, I suggest you pick one if you’re going to read another posting somewhere else and share.

Learn From Business Blogs

Crazy I know if you are new to this. You must’ve ran into at least one business online that has a blog or they’re screaming at you like me. Not all businesses need a blog on their website. Even those businesses know they need to join conversations though. How you find a conversation is simple, search for your niche or industry. If you’re an insurance agent type that in a Google search and find the best blog.

What I’m about to say next may shock you, “You Don’t Know It All, And Neither Do I.” When you actually find a conversation that enlightens you, it may just surprise you how educated about your niche, you’re not. Learning is power, and you have more to learn about your niche than you think.

Education is not the only thing you will find on blogs, groups and forums; there is a bond that is created with your peers that will keep you coming back for more.


Rules of Business BloggingRules To Business Blogging

There are rules I hate rules too. When you find the best business blogging platform for your niche, the last thing you want to be identified as is a spammer. Sure you’re only trying to get your name out there but you must have a little common sense.

  • Stuff like “Hey check out my business website”, sounds just needy.
  • Negativity – This is a big no-no in the blogosphere or life in general.

Do you want your potential clients to see you as angry? Everything you write or place on the internet will still be there after you’re long gone, don’t forget that. Hey there is nothing wrong with speaking your mind but be positive and straight forward about it.


Finally He is Going To Stop Talking

The Triumphant Business Bloggers know that just because you have a business website does not mean that all work is complete. The phone is not going to start ringing off the hook if you are not making a true effort. It’s going to take more than an hour a week to become the business blogger your business needs you to be.

Blog every day, I know what I said, EVERYDAY! This will create direct traffic and will sky-rocket visits to your site. My apologies for yelling again.

What are your thoughts of blogging for your business or niche? I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for stopping by and reading.


Final Notes

As you may have guessed I’m no professional blogger nor do I claim to be, but fear has been replaced by the passion to grow my businesses which I pursue everyday. ~Cheers~

My inspiration to write an article such as this comes from many sources, but these are on the top of my list right now. Check them out maybe they have some ways to help build your traffic:

WordPress Website Builder  Pro Blogging Success  Blog Networking 101 Basic Blog Tips

Dennis Marshall


“Traffic To Your Website Requires Savvy Business Blogging”

  1. Dennis says:

    Thanks for the mention Bryan.. I am very much humbled by it..

    These days, business blogging is where it’s at. I would not even think about putting ads in the newspaper or that thing called a phone book..

    In a recent post, I talked about how I deleted my Facebook but you better believe, you can use them just like the yellow pages were used. With over 800 million users, you can definitely get some return from a small investment.

    For those that are thinking “i don’t know how to blog” but they want a blog on their site, just hire a article writer. Just have them write some articles on a problem with your service being the solution.

    This will help you rank well in the search engines and warm potential customers up a bit before they decide to do business with you.

    Great post man…
    Dennis Would like you to read..I Chose To Delete My Facebook & Here’s Why (w/ Videos)My Profile

  2. Abhi Balani says:

    Great, Bryan! Very true, success never comes without hard work and true effort. Yes, commenting can help you to get people. I came here after reading your comments on my contest entry. Saw your link and could not stop myself to click and read. :D

    Thanks Bryan.
    Abhi Balani Would like you to read..Good Blogger And A Good Blog: What Are The Signs?My Profile

  3. really very nice explanation mate :) keep sharing your experience
    [email protected] Would like you to read..How to Install Android 2.3 Gingerbread On Xperia X8/X10 Mini ProMy Profile

  4. bbrian017 says:

    Reality is it’s a lot of work man, I’ve been online blogging now for 4 years with blog engage and it’s hard work. Everyday in and out promoting other bloggers content just to earn that respect but it’s all worth it. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it when I look back at what I’ve accomplished!
    bbrian017 Would like you to read..Blog Engage Customer Contests (Free Blog Engage Accounts)My Profile

    • Thanks Brian for checking out my site. That is exactly what it is all about. Way to many people with no work, but yet many have work to do. This will be my 10th season in business and like you, I have to shake my head at my accomplishments. Everyone is dealt their hand, now just need to get in the game and play. We’ll be visiting you more and hopefully gaining more knowledge from you and your blog.

  5. I agree with you I have 2 year experience in internet marketing it required up to date and content writing.That’s a hard job if the bloggers satisfied with this climate no doubt there is the bunch of dollars are waiting it.But it need proper management of blog.
    Rizwan Sultan Would like you to read..IBS BreakthroughMy Profile

  6. Awesome tips buddy ;)

    Yes, I agree with you (for the most part). It is really important to engage with other people in the industry – whether they are popular or not doesn’t matter much. Who knows? They might become popular one day :D (Well, you shouldn’t really care about the popularity when networking).

    Yes, as far as learning from business blogs do, that is a great thing to do. But, I won’t recommend follow all the things they say. Just read their blog, analyze their ways and apply those tactics to your blog in your own way (notice, I said your own way). Yes, experiment with them.

    Anyways, thanks for sharing the awesome read, Bryan,

    Jeevan Jacob John


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