Guest Posting On Blog Platforms Relating To Your Niche


Write a guest post on other blogsA great way to get your material noticed is guest posting on other blogs. It is difficult for some bloggers or business owners to get their word out to world. You can also offer your site or blog as a platform for other business owners and bloggers to submit a guest posting.


Most blogs hate link building contests, so forget about that. Thankfully there are great features for leaving comments, such as the CommentLuv plugin. If you have this enabled(you can view it at the very bottom of this post) on your blog or website, this will serve as a great link builder for your article and comments. Promotion will work itself out with this plugin, but it will also show links to posts from all sorts of commentators.

Guest Posting On Blogs Related To Your Niche

This discussion has been taking place long before I arrived to the blogosphere. Guest posting on blogs related to your niche will allow you to showcase your expertise amongst your peers. Usually forums are a great way to get quick traffic to your site, but often do not offer guest posting.


Guest Posting On Blogs Not Related To Your Niche

There are some advantages of guest posting on platforms that are not related to your niche. None better then traffic and web exposure. If you have a local business, my suggestion would be to find local blogs with high page rank and post there also. However, I would not to give up on blogs not related, especially if those blogs have a good deal of traffic and page rank.


Minimum guidelines for guest posting on most sites

When you are attempting to submit a guest posting to another site or blog, here are some minimum guidelines of what you can expect.


  • Submit 1 link to an article you have on your site or other guest postings for review and 2-5 sentences of what your posting will be about.
  • Of course original content only; meaning your post has not been submitted to the blogosphere already.
  • At least 300 words or more and one photo or screen shot which must be formatted to 300 pixels wide with alt tags.
  • Outbound links are disallowed, but you will have 2 links in your profile at the end of your post.
  • Internal links are allowed, and it is always kind to give the HOST some props to one of their posts.
  • Subheadings, grammar, alt tags, descriptions and spelling are your responsibility. “Action“, you only get one take.


Posts should be related to this websites topics:


  • Blogging
  • Website building
  • WordPress
  • Keyword research
  • SEO
  • Traffic
  • Business; business blogging, traffic to your site, etc.


SEOpresser for guest posting

This site has a plugin called SEOpresser which helps not only format your post, but helps with SEO. This plugin is quite simple to use really, but if you need help on how to use this plugin go here SEOpresser video. This will teach you the basics of what is required in your post. Never rely completely on plugins, after all they were created by humans and we are not perfect either.


Formatting your post

If you have SEOpresser and have written articles before then you know formatting your post or articles is very important.

  • A good SEO title through your research will help your posts SEO.
  • Description of your post.
  • Alt tags for your photos and tags for SEO will help your post get found online.
  • Keywords, bullets or numbers are highly recommended
  • Internal linking is encouraged, but only one external link is allowed to support your post


Return to your guest posting

  • This is your posting and are required to respond to comments made on it. Your post may be removed if you fail to engage with commentators.
  • Create a post on your site that you can link to your guest post. This will create more traffic for your site.



  • Ask your readers to check out your guest posting via social mediums and your website
  • Visit commentators sites and thank them at their sites by commenting on posts they have written. This will build your reputation, credibility and traffic to your site.

These are actual guidelines for this site, so if you would like to write a guest post here, submit your article. Thank you for reading and happy blogging!


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“Guest Posting On Blog Platforms Relating To Your Niche”

  1. Ahsan says:

    It will be good for a new blogger to get exposure from your site. I’ll try to publish a guest post in your site as my content related to your site
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  2. prabhat says:

    hi bryan..
    nice tips
    guest posting is really a great great way to increase your followers…because when you post something on a known blog…many people notice that and if your style and matter is special..they will remember you
    it will help you in many ways..
    nice tips for every blogger whether he is a newbie or a pro.
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  3. Great tips here. I always like to post on blogs in my niche. This helps me to build backlinks and also to get targeted traffic to your blog.

    Keep up the good work man

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