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Who wouldn’t want the best WordPress website on the internet? I know I would, but since I’m not the greatest web developer in the world, I suppose that will never happen. Okay so we got that out of the way, let’s discuss what I can do.  If your lawn care or landscape company has been struggling (like I had) to get that phone ringing, I can give you a fighting chance.

Since there are so many opportunities presented on the internet that we have yet to discover, a great way to start the process is building a niche website with the help of WordPress. If you have a landscape business and no website you’re losing! Every niche needs a website to be found these days, along with great content! Let’s get the ball rolling.

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Switching To A WordPress Blog Or Website

After finally installing WordPress, I took my Intuit website and transferred it, my rankings climbed 5 million positions in less than a month! My landscape website has been climbing at an incredible rate! It really is due to one person that I actually bumped into online just surfing the net. Her name is MITZ, and her niche consists of many things, including building WordPress websites. If you read my ABOUT page, you will know we share this same passion!



Your Website, Blog or Article Needs a Great Title?

MITZ emphasizes many things to do with your WordPress blog, web hosting, etc. and of course one of them is a good “Title”. Reading and posting in other blogs and websites(per her suggestions) it struck me, what is in a title? And then all of sudden surfing the other day I bump into this title, posted by a gentlemen(I hope this is a gentlemen) named Ralph: 7 Proven Headline Formulas That Capture Your Reader’s Attention

Best WordPress Websites use WordPress

The article’s very first paragraph starts out like this: “According to most estimates, you only have a few seconds to capture the attention of the visitors who stumble across your website before they make that vital decision of whether to stay and investigate more of your content or click the back button on their browser windows and explore other options.”

This is so spot on! Have you ever gone to a site just because the title was enticing, and then the content didn’t match up to the title? Yes we all have. There is a reason for that, TRAFFIC to your blog or website. Now I’m not suggesting Ralph’s article is one of them, just saying the power of a good title will not only attract new visitors to your site, but will attract Google!


A Good WordPress Website Title?

One of the best ways to come up with a good website title is to research your competitors. Go check out their sites or blogs, see how they rank around the world with the search engines. The worst thing you can do is copy their words, Google will find you and penalize you for any such actions! The best thing you can do for your niche, is use Google’s Keyword Tool. Just sign up and follow the instructions from there. This is just one tool that can help you build the best WordPress blog or website possible.


Here is one way to create some serious traffic to your site; enjoy this FREEBIE, you have to work at!

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