My Work History

My work career started in the Hospitality Industry where I learned early “The customer is always right.” Although I excelled in this industry, my passion for the landscaping industry came to fruition in 1994. Serving as a supervisor with a landscape company for several years, I learned what “Work Ethic” means.

WordPress Website Building

Ever since the conception(2002)of my lawn care company, I struggled to get the word out to the public that Ring Lawn Care exists. So in March of 2010, I stumbled upon software that stated “Build your own website“. I cannot begin to tell you what a daunting task this turned out to be, but the more I read the more I learned. Today I know offer WordPress website building, along with the knowledge and tools I have gained along the way.

I have built several websites ranging from construction to other lawn care sites. I simply have come to love the challenge of getting businesses found, it is almost an obsession. The sites I have built prior are nothing compared to sites that can be built with WordPress. I have the same passion for websites and social networking as I do for mowing lawns!

I hope this will help us get to know each other.

Bryan Ring

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