3 SEO Tips For More Web Page Visibility

3 SEO Tips For More Web Page Visibility

SEO tips you have read about on the internet to get more web page visibility, usually are described as a simple process. There are 3 simple items completely overlooked: title, keyword content and most important, traffic to your site.


SEO Tips #1 – Title


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website can be a challenge and time consuming process. The title of your post is now live on the internet. You have done a lot of work to get web page visibility. How disappointed are you to see that your SEO efforts have not been recognized by any search engines? Google will rank your site if you can come up with a title that is relevant to the content on your site.

If your title is boring or not on the first page of results, it is back to the drawing board. Do not be discouraged, simply apply the same principles you would when researching keywords for your articles and a good title can be achieved. The title of your posts or articles will be the first thing web searchers find.


Your Website, Blog or Article Needs a Great Title?


Reading and posting on other blogs and websites it struck me, what is in a title? I bumped into this title, posted by a gentlemen(I hope this is a gentlemen) named Ralph: 7 Proven Headline Formulas That Capture Your Reader’s Attention

The article’s very first paragraph starts out like this: “According to most estimates, you only have a few seconds to capture the attention of the visitors who stumble across your website before they make that vital decision of whether to stay and investigate more of your content or click the back button on their browser windows and explore other options.”

This is so spot on! Have you ever gone to a site just because the title was enticing, and then the content didn’t match up to the title? Yes we all have. There is a reason for that, TRAFFIC to your blog or website.

I am not implying Ralph’s article is one of them. I am suggesting the power of a good title will not only attract new visitors to your site, but will attract Google!


SEO Tips #2 Keyword Content


Keyword research is essential for good SEO and content

Researching keywords will seem like a daunting task at first for beginners, but do not worry you can do it! Google has made it possible to search keywords for your niche that consumers are seeking.

Researching keywords for experts is a time consuming process, so with that in mind the beginners will need to make more of an effort if you are to build your own website.

Take your time and focus on one page at a time. When you do find your keywords, place them strategically in your pages. Useful content will keep your readers inspired to find more in your other pages.


SEO Tips #3 Traffic


Your website needs to have an effective web presence. If you do not work, it will not work. Perform these tips in an orderly fashion, and you too can create more web page visibility.

  •  Define your goals and objectives

This should be the first thing you did before you make any attempt to build a website

  •  Research your industry

Hopefully you know your industry and have looked at other websites. Investigate how your competitors rank with the search engines.

  •  Research keywords and phrases

You have a good idea of how to research keywords, use: Googles Keyword Toolbox. Always remember when writing a post or page that you are writing quality content people can read, not just search engines.

  •  Monitor website statistics

Google Analytics – you can register your website and Google will keep track of your traffic and much more. This will make monitoring statistics easy. Google will let you know what your site is missing such as: Page load speed, who is visiting your site and maybe problems with your sitemap.

  •  Business listings for search engines

Sign your business up free and get listed!

Local businesses will benefit greatly with Google Places. Google as you can imagine is great! I have talked about them enough, right? Google Places gives you the ability to list your business free, and get found locally quick! And now with new interfaces such as Google Plus, your business has a fighting chance.



  • Optimizing page and posts

WordPress has many plugins available for free and they work great. The best free SEO plugin I have found to be very useful is the WordPress Seo Plugin. This plugin will tell you what you need to do to optimize your pages. Add an external or internal link are two examples. Like any plugin though, do not rely on them to do all the work for you.

seo tips



Seo takes stamina and patience, so keep your cool when performing any type of optimization. Why do some sites rank faster than others?, is explained by Mark Jackson in this article on Search Engine Watch.

Participating daily on your favorite social mediums, blogs and forum’s will begin to build trust amongst your family, friends and peers.

The biggest reason business website owners are not getting web page visibility is simply consistent effort. If your website cannot be found you will not hear the phone ring.




  1. These SEO tips are really great for visibility

  2. I’m a newbie to SEO. Thanks for sharing this, I think i have a clearer picture now on what I need to do…

  3. I’ve just really started doing keyword research. I built a site once with tutorials for how to beat angry birds and only after finishing it, I learned how Google adsense pay. The higher the PPC, the more money.

    All angry birds keywords were around $0.05. I just pasted a bunch of clickbank ads on it and never touched it again.

    Now I know how to do a little keyword research; had to learn as you can see. I’m not big on outsourcing things I don’t know how to do as I want to know if someone is screwing me over.

    I think I do pretty good with titles; I can always be better though.

    Great SEO tips dude.. Might have to do a sit down interview with you one day if you’re available.

  4. We all were newbie’s at one point, even those who are not still struggle with the basics. There is always room for improvement, since the rules and algorithms change constantly. Thank you for stopping by Susane

  5. Thank you for stopping by Amit, and thanks for the encouragement.

  6. For sure you’re great with titles, for I’ve read quite a bit of your articles. But that’s not all, like I said before you have a REAL touch when writing. SEO, as you know is not easy and is really time consuming, but worth it in the end to get those great articles a PR (page rank). Let me know when you have questions and we can set that up. Thanks for stopping by Dennis.

  7. Hey Bryan! This is some great advice you have here. I use Google Analytics, Google Webmaster tools and sometimes I use Market Samurai to find what keywords are doing well for me. It’s imperative to have these tools because most of your blog visitors are the ones you never talk to. So you can’t get feedback directly from them that’s why you need to go behind the scenes and find out what’s driving traffic and posts are well liked by your audience.

    Thanks for all the advice my friend!

  8. Hi Bryan Ring,
    Agree with your points.Specially first point SEO Tips #1 – Title.If tittle are impressive with Good keywords people would love to open your articles and this way we can get traffic as well as make our blog more SEO friendly.
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hi Bryan, you have an amazing blog post here. I also have a post that I wrote like this sometime ago, but your post has great information as well.

    What I try my best to do is include my keywords in title, the url, the sub-headings and also through out my article. That way I will be ranked on search engines for that keyword.

    Great post and keep up the good work!

  10. Thanks Bhavesh and I agree a great title will not only be recognized by readers, but Google. Creating more web exposure for your website or blog will always require good titles and sub-headings.

  11. A blogger must know the basic of SEO to improve his site. You clearly writes how to improve it. A new blogger will be benefited by reading the content :)

  12. Google tools have been a great resource for my sites and building. Plus of course your blog has been very educational in my growth as a “Blogger”..lol Thanks for the tips on your blog and YouTube channel Ileane.

  13. I love your blog it is amazing! Your guest postings share some very great blogging and web related material, I have found it very beneficial since finding your blog.
    Just like you need to be everywhere to be found, so do your keywords. Thanks for the compliments, I will be at your blog often!

  14. Absolutely agree, you must know something about SEO to have any success of PR or Alexa rankings. Thank you for sharing and and love your post about Google Chrome!

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